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Garden Serenity

Garden Serenity


'Garden Serenity' is one of our customer's favorite items we offer for Sympathy Flowers For The Service. This is an elegant Standing Easel Spray that really shares your sentiment of love and support for the family during a very difficult life experience. As pictured you see the original version of this design that is in very rich saturated colors. This natural garden style is so popular that we have created this style of easel spray in a variety of different color schemes. We have created this Easel in all white and green, and we've done it in all shades of pink, and also yellow. This style really lends itself to any kind of color combination you might like. Created with seasonal flowers that are at their peak when we create this design, every time create your order it will have a very custom signature look.

When we are creating specialty designs for Sympathy Flowers, our goal is to have the finished design be the absolute best quality possible. So with that in mind if you are wanting to order a special piece for a Funeral or Memorial service in the local area, we encourage you to place your order as soon as possible. The closer to the date that you place your order, it's possible we might be more limited as to what we can potentially create for you. We regularly are delivering Sympathy Flowers to all the local area Funeral Homes in the Clark County area. We also deliver to all the local churches, community halls, and Granges, really anywhere that it's possible to host such an event. Depending on where the service is to be held, it will be very important for us to get a good contact phone number for a location contact person. This will enable us to ensure we can coordinate a good delivery time for your specific order. As we mentioned before, if you have any questions do let us know, we are here to help.

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