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Local Flowers

As Main Street Floral Company is located in the Pacific Northwest of the USA, we are in a region that has the largest number of farmers who specialize in growing fine-quality cut flowers. Our growing season can be short or long depending on the weather conditions in the region, however, because of our climate here in the Maritime Northwest we also have a very wide variety of flowers grown here. Early in the season, we have Daffodils (Narcissus), Tulips and a variety of blooming branches. Later in the Spring, we are gifted with an abundance of locally grown Peony, Viburnum, Iris, Allium, Honeysuckle, and Ranunculus just to name a few. As the Summer season starts to warm we start to have locally grown Zinnias, cut Herbs, Cosmos, Dahlia and so many more. For this reason, our design offerings are very much focused on showcasing these amazing locally sourced Flowers. On a day-to-day basis, we still use some imported specialty flowers we get from our exclusive Flower Broker in Quito Ecuador, However, they very much become our accent to our locally grown blooms. Combining these flowers, along with some fantastic Foraged finds, is how we create our exclusive Northwest signature style. All of our selection options in this category are "Designer's Choice" custom designs. The focus of all of these options is on the finest quality seasonal flowers of the day. If this sounds like a design aesthetic you would like to share with your family and friends, we would love to create some Flower Magic for you.

With our locally sourced flowers in this category, our current availability is totally dependent on the weather and current growing conditions. It's possible that we may have a fantastic selection for days, possibly weeks only to have it disappear really fast because of weather conditions. So for this reason please note that every design will be completely different from the next.. This is what assures a completely custom one-of-a-kind gift for yourself and your recipient.

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