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White Waterfall Phalaenopsis
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A classic Double White Phalaenopsis Orchid Plant, or Moth Orchid. Popular in the Orchid world as they are considered to be one of the easiest Orchids to grow for the home enthusiast. Phalaenopsis Orchids are often considered to be a rare luxurious blooming plant, but they have become quite easy to come by. The Phalaenopsis Orchids we carry here at Main Street Floral Company are grown here locally and actually come in several different natural colors and variegated patterns. No mater the color they are always a very elegant striking appearance and will add a touch of opulence to any room they are displayed. Planters such as a Double Waterfall like this add a striking flair to modern interiors, and make for a great looking corporate gift to office settings, but they are also a popular choice for special Sympathy Gifts as well. As for special gifts for delivery, we sometimes do not have any available in the store. So for this reason we ask to have you place your order one day prior to your desired delivery date so we can acquire some new ones in for you. Also, as you see pictured here in white, we can get other colors. We have the ability to get Purple, Purple variegated, lite Green, Pale Yellow, and a few other natural colors. Blue is a color Orchids do not naturally grow in. When and if you see Blue Orchids they have been died, those specific Orchids are not produced by our local grower and we can't get them. One of the reasons our grower does not produce any of the artificially died Orchids is because they generally don't last as long.

Orchids are a special Floral, or Plant gift idea especially for those plant lovers that like things that are unusual. Dressed for an exciting entrance, we finish our orchids in beautiful decorative pots with moss and decorative branches for an elegant gift presentation perfect for any occasion. Available for your special Plant Delivery to greater Clark County, WA. Our Professional Design Staff is ready to add some special flair to your special Phalaenopsis Orchid Planter.

White Waterfall Phalaenopsis


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