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Spring Designer's Choice - Medium

Spring Designer's Choice - Medium


Now that Spring is definitely here, our 'Spring Designer's Choice' selections is definitely one of our best sellers. Being able to use the absolute best product we have available to create your special flower purchase enables us to give you our signature style.

This "Medium" selection of our 'Spring Designer's Choice' is a fantastic way to get a flower design that could have multiple uses. This size would make for a great centerpiece on a dining table or coffee table. Or if desired, your recipient could enjoy this size design on their kitchen island, buffet, or credenza.

Here are more of the specifics we shared for the "Short" version of this offering that is the same for this larger size.

After a long winter, there is nothing better than seeing SPring Flowers emerge along with the sunshine as the days get longer. That is exactly why our 'Spring Designer's Choice' design is such an amazing gift of flowers to receive. As we use a variety of the most beautiful bloom available, we will fashion a fun selection of spring branches that will all mingle with delicate spring blossoms. Every week what we create for our 'Spring Designer's Choice' is always slightly different. Mixing Spring Flowers with a variety of seasonal greenery and accent blooms they always have a lovely way of dancing together. This selection will be completely different from the next and will definitely get some smiles from your special recipient.

If you do happen to be looking for a Florist in the Battle Ground area for a special flower delivery, we hope you'll give us an opportunity to create something extraordinary for you. We have a real passion for not only flowers but also for creating a unique one-of-a-kind design that your recipient will be able to enjoy for days to come. Delivering throughout greater Clark County, WA, our shop is centrally located in Battle Ground, WA. This location enables us to deliver flowers in Vancouver, WA as well as up to Ridgefield and La Center, over to Amboy and Yacolt, WA in the northern part of the county.

Please note, What our flower shop and design staff are known for is exceptional, natural out-of-the-box design. We are not members of any of the major old-school wire services or order gatherers for several reasons. 1. We are designers, we excel at creating one-of-a-kind unique gifts specifically for you. 2. We also want to make sure your recipient receives the full value of what you purchased. Being able to use the best seasonal product we actually have available at the moment is what enables us to do that for you. We thank you for your understanding.

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