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Roses Low & Lush Roses

Roses Low & Lush Roses


'Roses Low & Lush' is the obvious choice when you are looking for a lavish gift for someone special in your life. Roses are always an exquisite addition to any design, but when we create those special bouquets that have that classic flair of a full dozen, that just takes it over the top.

Our Roses here at Main Street Floral Company are different than your average Rose. Our Roses are provided to us by our own exclusive importer based in Quito, Ecuador. Our Roses come farm direct to us every week. That means our customers get the freshest, best quality Roses available. From farm to our door so we can sell them to you only takes four days. We also are a test shop for our importer for one specific Rose Farm. That means we regularly have more varieties of Roses you won't see anywhere else.

For this design in the low and lush style, we can create with any color Rose we have available. We always have classic Red Roses available, but if you would like to know more about the different rose varieties we have each week. Feel free to give us a call at the shop to place your order and we can let you know the colors and varieties available. It's different every week. If you would just like to leave it up to us. Just let us know in the special instruction what other colors your recipient might like, we'll get as close as we can and create something fabulous. Order Roses Low & Lush Roses from MAIN STREET FLORAL COMPANY - Battle Ground, WA Florist & Flower Shop.

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