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Rose Spritzer
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Product Description

Roses are one of the most classic varieties to gift anyone with a specialty flower, but sometimes you don't need the whole production. Sometimes you might just want a bit of a "Spritzer".

So now we are introducing our Main Street Floral Company "Rose Spritzer" A classic lush garden style bouquet featuring just a half dozen of our fantastic Roses from Ecuador.

Grown in the highland valley's of Ecuador the climate is perfect for growing beautifully large Rose varieties known for their large flower heads, strong stems, and amazing colors. Here at Main Street Floral Company our Roses are just one of the flower varieties we get exclusively from our Flower Broker in Quito, Ecuador. The high elevation and proximity to the sun, and the year long Spring like weather conditions are perfect for growing flowers... especially Roses. Receiving our Roses farm-direct greatly shortens the amount of time between when the blooms are harvested and when we receive them. Typically the turn around time is just 4 days from harvest to arrival. This logistical time frame is ultimately what ensure product freshness for our customers and recipients.

In this classic style bouquet the Roses are definitely in the spotlight as you can really get up close and personal with each bloom and revel in the amazing structure that nature creates with these beauties. The size of this design style is such that it can be enjoyed on a dining table, coffee table, or Kitchen island. Think of enjoying your morning coffee up close and personal with these gorgeous blooms. Or enjoy a romantic glass of wine with the aroma of these Roses wafting in the air. It all makes for an intoxicating experience for say a special Birthday, or Anniversary.

Since we have a strong connection with our Ecuadorian Flower Broker, we are lucky to always have an interesting assortment of Rose varieties to select from. On a weekly basis we usually have at least five different color varieties available. Red Roses are always part of the mix as well as various shades of Pinks, Peach, and bi-color varieties. Your are always welcome to place your order online here on our website, and if you would like to learn about which colors we have available for the day you would like your "Rose Spritzer", give us a call at the Flower Shop. Our design team will be happy to let you know what colors and varieties we have available.

As with all of our deliveries we can coordinate a Same Day Flower Delivery for you, or arrange for an upcoming future delivery date. Monday through Friday we are delivering our flowers throughout Greater Clark County, WA. So, if you are needing your special delivery of Roses to a location in Brush Prairie, Hockinson, Orchards, Vancouver, Salmon Creek, Ridgefield, LaCenter, Yacolt, Amboy, or right here in Battle Ground, Washington, we are ready to make it happen.

Rose Spritzer



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