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Purple+Orange= Happy Spring
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Product Description

The two classic colors that once combined make a lot of people very happy. 'Purple+Orange=Happy' definitely fits that bill. These are two very lush saturated colors that are visually energizing. Our 'Purple+Orange=Happy has become so popular that we've decided to create a new version of it for every season of the year. Please note that depending on the daily availability of our fabulous seasonal Flowers, we might have to make a few substitutions, but don't worry about what your recipient receives might be even more fantastic.

As one of our most popular online offerings this selection always looks amazing no matter what kind of flower combination we use in purple and orange. This design would fall in the category of a "Garden Style" flower bouquet. The beautiful collection of flowers is all accented by lush fun textures of seasonal foliage.

Generally, this design is created in a taller cylinder-type vessel that gives the finished flower bouquet a bit taller. If you would like an upscale low and lush version of this flower bouquet we can do that too. As with all of our online flower offerings, everything you see is our original design work. We are very lucky to have a fantastic professional design crew that works hard to ensure your recipient gets a truly hand-crafted flower bouquet for whatever the occasion calls for.

So with this flower design style, you can be sure to get some smiles if the occasion calls for Birthday Flowers, maybe you're celebrating and need some Anniversary Flowers, or maybe just because. 'Purple+Orange= Happy' will definitely make someone's day.

Our Purple+Orange=Happy is a great long-lasting bouquet perfect for any occasion. Hydrangea, Roses, Lilies, and Carnations are just a few of the varieties that might be included in your bouquet. Seasonally and weekly our availability is ever-changing. Despite availability, this is a color combination we really like because there is always a great assortment of flower varieties available. Let's deliver one for you today!

Depending on availability on the day you would like to have your special flower delivery made, we might need to make some substitutions. We can assure you that your chosen design will still be fabulous and any substitutions we might need to make will always be of the same or greater value. Ultimately, being able to create something completely unique and bespoke just for you is our goal.

Anytime you are looking for a special flower delivery in Vancouver, WA, we can definitely do that for you. We are your local neighborhood flower shop located in Battle Ground, WA and we service most of Clark County. Order Purple+Orange= Happy Flowers for All Occasions from MAIN STREET FLORAL COMPANY - Battle Ground, WA Florist & Flower Shop.

Purple+Orange= Happy Spring


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