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Pastel Designer's Choice - Medium

Pastel Designer's Choice - Medium


Just like the "Short" version of our 'Pastels Designer's Choice', this selection for the medium size is just as fabulous. The only real difference with the medium version of this design is its height. Selecting this design at these price points enables us to create something special for you that is noticeably taller than the short version. Here is what we shared about the short version for your reference.

If you know someone you would like to send flowers to, and you know they happen to love pastel colors, they will love our 'Pastels Designer's Choice'.

When you need a special flower delivery, one of our Designer's Choice selections is always a great option. Flower availability is always different week by week. As seasons change certain kinds of flowers are available and can be affected by weather conditions. Here at Main Street Floral Company, we get a lot of our flowers here in the pacific northwest from local flower farmers during the local growing season. To extend that local availability and color variations we augment our weekly selections with imported products as well. Flower availability during any given week can be vastly different. That does not mean there aren't a lot of beautiful flowers available. It just means sourcing some varieties just isn't possible.

With all that said, choosing one of our Designer's Choice selections enables our design staff to use the absolute best product currently available. Ultimately, this is what enables us to make something amazing exclusively for you. Created in a variety of pastel shades this Designer's Choice selection will not only be fabulous, but it will truly be one-of-a-kind.

Depending on how you think your recipient might like to enjoy your special gift of flowers, we can customize your flower bouquet. Maybe your recipient might like to be able to use your gift as a centerpiece on a dining table, or maybe a coffee table. This is a perfect design choice for those people who love a low and lush design that has a lot of texture and amazing color variations.

When you need a special same-day flower delivery choosing a designer's choice selection can help expedite the process of getting your special order out for delivery. From La Center, WA to Vancouver, Amboy, WA to right here in Battle Ground, we deliver flowers throughout greater Clark County every day. The sooner you can place your order the sooner we can get your flowers out for delivery.

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