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Garden Bounty " Designer's Choice"
Flower Delivery from a Local Florist
Expertly Designed & Ready to Impress

Product Description

"Garden Bounty" is a Luscious Seasonal Flower Bouquet of Locally Sourced Flowers created by Main Street Floral Company in Battle Ground, WA.

Here at Main Street Floral Company with our Flower Shop located in Battle Ground, WA, We are right in the center of Clark County, WA. One of the best areas in the Pacific Northwest region for growing Cut Flowers. So it's no wonder we have so many local Flower Farmers growing some of the best cut flowers in the country. From small local Flower Farmers specializing in certain varieties that grow best in their specific microclimate to larger farms that grow a wider assortment of flowers. We are lucky to be located in this region with so many different options available, it really does enable us to focus on "Farm to Table" flowers for the freshest possible specialty designs for you.

"Garden Bounty" is one of our Specialty Designer's Choice options we only offer during the peak of our local growing season. From April to sometimes as late as October, we focus on using as many locally grown flower products as we can get. Each week the flower varieties we have access to change as the weather during the season ebbs and flows. This fluctuation in availability is what inspires our designers to create something completely custom for your occasion.

With several size options available for "Garden Bounty" we can customize your selection for the occasion and location when it will be delivered. If it's a Birthday Bouquet being delivered to someone's office you might want to keep the size a little smaller. Or if you are planning a special Anniversary celebration you might like something a bit larger depending on how you might want to enjoy it. From week to week, the featured flower varieties and colors can vary quite a bit. Many of our customers love getting a complete surprise every time they order. For those people who would like more specific customization might choose to give us a call directly at the Flower Shop or stop by in person. Whatever you choose our fantastic design team will make it fantastic.

Garden Bounty " Designer's Choice"



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