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Summer Designer's Choice - Short

Summer Designer's Choice - Short


'Summer Designer's Choice' is a true celebration of everything we love about the summer season, fresh, vibrant, and local. Here at Main Street Floral Company in Battle Ground, Washington, we are very lucky to work with several amazing local Flower Farmers that grow flowers specifically for us. These local flowers give us the ability to offer a larger assortment of amazing flowers you just don't see everywhere. This alone is what enables us to create your special gift of flowers that is exclusive to you. No one else is going to be able to get anything like what we create for you. Your gift of flowers will truly be unique.

In this, our "Short" version of our 'Summer Designer's Choice', this is a fantastic size flower bouquet for a desktop or a side table. As you go up in price the overall design becomes more lush and full of more amazing flowers and seasonal foliage. Even at the larger price points, this design stays low and lush. So if someone wanted to use it as a centerpiece for summer entertaining it would be perfect. If you have any special requests for certain colors or do not include flowers with a lot of fragrance, just let us now in the special instructions when placing your order.

If you do happen to be looking for a fabulous flower bouquet for delivery here in Battle Ground, Washington, we're here for you. As an independent Florist in Battle Ground, we deliver flowers Monday through Friday throughout most of Clark County. So if you need a great Florist in Ridgefield, WA, that's us. Or if you need a special flower delivery up to Yacolt, or Amboy, Washington, we're the only Florist in Clark County that delivers to that area. So, if you are wanting a special flower gift that is not "Standard" or "Typical" delivered here in Clark County, we would love to be your Local Florist.

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